• 330 Heinz Lane, Invermay Park, Ballarat North Victoria 3350
  • 03 5331 4400


    "Leap" into March with $10,000 - EXPIRED

    DATE: Saturday Night 29th February

    COST: $20 PER BOOK, PER PERSON (maximum 18 books)


    1x $10,000

    1x $999

    14x $250

    14x $200

    PLUS! Joker Jackpot for the night will be 3x $100

    DOORS OPEN: 5:30pm

    BOOK SALES: 6:00pm



    * seats can be reserved for those patrons who are 100% sure they are attending. Seats cannot be amended once they are booked

    * if you cancel a seat after booking, then change your mind, we will not re-book a seat for you. You will need to walk-in on the night and find one

    * please do NOT remove seats that have been reserved by Management

    * please do NOT book more seats on your table than is necessary. We need all available seats

    * PETS ARE LIMITED!! They can be reserved at the time of booking seats.

    * we recommend sharing a PET when possible (this will mean shared winnings)

    * all seats reserved my Management need to be claimed by 7:35pm or they will be forfeited and given to any waiting patrons

    * no deposit or pre-payment night. Pay on the night

    * minimum 4 books per player. Can be paper, PET or both

    * you can make bookings at the Canteen window at Bingo

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