Team Game Marathon - EXPIRED

DATE: Friday Night 27th September
TIME: eyes down 7:45pm….. doors & books from 6:30pm.

Our annual "Team Game Marathon" is being held - every person will receive a consolation prize, whether they are on the winning or non-winning team! Rules and T&C below.

PRICES: 41 games for $10.

1st Session - 7:45pm
$3 for 15 games: 1x $500, 14x Odds ($80) - Evens ($100) - Zeros ($150)

2nd Session - 8:40pm
$1 flyer: $200 with multiplier feature, you could win up to $400!
$3 for 15 games: 1x $700, 9x Hi-Lo ($50 + your call)

3rd Session - 9:20pm
$3 for 15 games: 1x $999, 7x Double Roulette ($100 - $180), 7x Roulette ($50 - $90)

PLUS! Special Footy-themed raffle, prizes TBA


  • The room will be divided into the 2 AFL GF teams
  • Footy scoring system. Each Bingo is worth a Goal (6 points), Behind (1 point) or Out of Bounds (0 points), depending on which number bingo is won on. Multiple winners share the cash prize but each get the full points for their team
  • The team with the most points at the end of the night is declared the winner.
  • In the event of a tie, the team who scored the most GOALS will be declared the winner. Should the goals & behinds be exactly equal, a Supergame flyer will be played to determine the winner.
  • Each player on the winning team gets a $10 bag of breakopen tickets, plus a voucher for 1 free book. There is a chance to DOUBLE the voucher! If your winning team on the Friday night also wins the AFL GF on the Saturday - your voucher will be worth 2 free books! (T&C on the voucher)
  • Each player on the runner-up team will receive a wooden spoon & a $2 dip
  • Once seated, each person will receive a coloured card with their designated team. This will be your team for the whole night, regardless if you change seats. Please hold onto your card until the end of the night, so we know which prize to give you.