2018 Footy Pre-Grand Final Special! - Expired

$50 FOR 50 GAMES!

Come join us for a fun-filled night to celebrate the upcoming Grand Final! Team game, prizes for first and last place, plus a MASSIVE 50 GAMES!!

DATE: Friday Night 28th September
TIME: Doors & books 6:00pm, eyes down 7:30pm
PRICE: $50 set for 6 books (per player).


$75 set for 9 books. $100 for 12 books. $125 for 15 books. $150 for 18 books (all per player).


1st Session:

5x $150 ** star book
1x $500, 14x Odds ($80)/Evens ($100)/ Zeros ($120)

2nd Session:

1x $500, 14x Hi-Lo
3rd Session: ** star book
1x “20x Funny Money”
14x Double Funny Money

BOOKINGS OPEN: Friday 14th September from 12:00pm


  • 7 different teams (the top 7 teams of the AFL finals)
  • Football scoring system. Each Bingo is worth a Goal (6 points), Behind (1 point) or Out of Bounds (0 points), depending on what number bingo is won on. Multiple winners share the cash prize but each get the full points for their team.
  • If you win Bingo on a star number, you will receive a bonus Goal for your team, plus a $10 bag of tickets for yourself
  • The team with the most points at the end of the night is declared the winner. Each person in that team will receive a voucher for 1 free bingo book at Ballarat Bingo Centre, and a $15 bag of tickets. PLUS! If you back the winning team of the AFL GF – we will DOUBLE your voucher!
  • The team with the least amount of points at the end of the night will be awarded the Wooden Spoon award. In the event of 2 teams tied, we will play a single flyer game to determine the winning team.
  • AFL themed raffle on the night. First Prize will win a PERSONALISED SHERRIN FOOTBALL of their choice!


  • Every person attending this special MUST play 6 books. They can be all paper, all PET, or a combination of the two.
  • ALL sales must be purchased in multiples of 3. This includes Paper & PET sales. So if you want to play less than 6 paper books, you can ONLY buy 3 paper books and 3 (or 6, 9, 12, 15) on a PET.
  • Any additional books purchased on top of the minimum 6 books, must be bought in multiples of 3 (as shown in the prices).
  • We encourage people to share a PET where possible with family/friends. This only works if you are sharing the prizes won.
  • Bookings recommended for PET machines, as there is a limited amount. We will also take bookings for paper-only sales, if you wish to guarantee your seat. $20 deposit required per booking. Balance can be paid at any time after that, including on the night.,
  • Each person will receive a coloured card to indicate which team they are playing for. Once you receive this card, you cannot change seats
  • When you receive your card, please PRINT your FULL name on the back, along with the team you believe will win the AFL Grand Final.
  • The numbers that represent Goals, Behinds an OOB’s will be chosen during the day via a random number generator, and displayed on the night.
  • The free book vouchers may only be used on normal sessions. They cannot be used on any special games night, including our Super Saturday night. If your voucher is doubled, it must be used on the same night.
  • Personalised Sherrin football is up to RRP $200 max. It will need to be ordered, so it will take up to 4 weeks to receive.