Paul’s 50th birthday bash!! - Expired

Saturday night march 24th
$50 FOR 50 GAMES!!!

($50 = 6 book package. Every player is required to play 6 books minimum)

Come along and help celebrate Paul’s 50th birthday! We have a massive night planned!
Firstly, we are not forcing anyone to book in advance, however, you are welcome to do so, to guarantee you a seat. If you are planning on using a PET machine, we definitely recommend booking in advance, as we have a limited amount of PET machines.

TIME: DOORS & BOOKS – 6:00pm    EYES DOWN – 7:30pm    FINISH: APPROX 10:45pm

PRIZES: 1x $2000,  4x $500,  3x $250,  3x $200,  3x $150,  21x $100, 4x $90,  4x  $80,  4x $70,  3x $50

RAFFLE: 50 prizes! YES! 50 prizes, for only $1 per ticket!!
Includes bar fridges, gold jewellery, vouchers, tattslotto tickets and more!

PRICES: 6 books for $50. 9 books for $75. 12 books for $100. 15 books for $125. 18 books for $150


Start from 11am Wednesday 7th March. Can book during any session thereafter. Payment of $50 is required at the time of booking (if you are playing 6 books, your books will be paid in FULL. If you are playing more than 6 books, balance is due by Friday March 23rd). People are welcome to just turn up on the night to play, but if we reach the seat limit, we will have to turn players away that have not booked. PLEASE DO NOT RING BINGO ON THE NIGHT TO ASK IF THERE ARE SEATS. We will not be able to answer the phone.


Just like the 100’s & 1000’s special, we will be calling the games a little slower to accommodate for players who are not used to playing 6 paper books. You are also welcome to use a PET machine to help you. Perhaps you’d like to play some on paper, and put the rest on a PET? Perhaps you would like to put all your books on a PET and just watch it? Please discuss your options with our friendly staff.


  1. Lucky numbers! If you win Bingo on numbers 19, 50 or 68….. we will DOUBLE your prize AND give you a ticket bag worth the Bingo number!! (double prize does not include the $2000, you will receive an extra $500, plus ticket bag).
  2. Lucky door prizes!!! 3 people will win a Tattslotto pack worth $100 for the $20 Million draw!
  3. Special meal!! There will be a special meal available in the Bingo Hot Food Bistro…. $10 per plate! Meal to be advised closer to the date
  4. PHOTO BOOTH!! We are hiring a photo booth for the night, with a 50th prop, and guest register book! We are asking everyone that attends on the night to pop into the photo booth and take a photo with your family/friends, then stick it into the guest book and write Paul a birthday note. We’d love to make a keepsake for Paul to reflect on in the future years. We guarantee that your photos will not be used or published anywhere else, they are solely for the purpose of a keepsake book.