How To Play Bingo

There are many different variants of the bingo game. There are 75, 80 and 90 ball numbers, as well as pattern variations (full house, liners, corners, shapes etc.).

At our centre, we only play 90 ball bingo, in two different formats. It is played on tickets that have 15 numbers scattered over 3 rows of boxes with five numbers in each row. The numbers run in columns of the same group of numbers, that is:
1st column: 1-9
2nd column: 10-19
3rd column: 20-29
4th column: 30-39
5th column: 40-49
6th column: 50-59
7th column: 60-69
8th column: 70-79
9th column: 80-90

Tickets can be purchased in strips of one to six tickets. Purchasing a 6 ticket book will give a player all 90 numbers per game.

PET Machines

PET machines are electronic tablets that we load your books onto. We have our PET machines set so that they auto-dab the numbers for you, and essentially play bingo for you. If any of your tickets get down to one number, you will hear a “ding” sound to alert you to the number you need to win bingo. If this number is announced by the caller, you must still call out Bingo. Failure to do so will result in a missed Bingo.

In the near future we may enable the function where players can mark off the numbers on the PET, however this will not be the default setting.

Formats Played Ballarat Bingo Centre:

All games played at Ballarat Bingo Centre are called by a staff member. We do not use the automated caller system.
Numbers are drawn via a random number generator, announced by our caller and displayed on monitors on our walls.

fullhouse“FULL HOUSE”

This can also be known as “Full Card”, and is the format that we play on all our main games (unless otherwise advertised).

Players need to cross off all 15 numbers on a ticket to claim the bingo prize. The last number announced by the caller MUST be on the winning ticket, otherwise the claim is dismissed as a false call, and the game will continue.


This format is played on most of our single flyer ticket games, and will be advertised as such.

This is where a player must have 5 numbers marked off across any one line on a ticket. The last number announced by the caller MUST be on the line when this prize is claimed, otherwise the claim is dismissed as a false call. Once the “liner” winner is confirmed the game continues on until a player calls bingo for a “full house”.

Different Prize Money Structures at Ballarat Bingo Centre:

Aside from “straight money” games where prizes are advertised as set amounts, we also play the following variants:


This game is also known as “Roulette” in some centres. Prizes are cash prizes, and the amount paid is decided by the winning number that bingo is claimed on. The prize structure is as follows:
Numbers 1-50 = $50
Numbers 51-55 = $55
Numbers 56-60 = $60
Numbers 61-65 = $65
Numbers 66-70 = $70
Numbers 71-75 = $75
Numbers 76-80 = $80
Numbers 81-85 = $85
Numbers 86-90 = $90

Double funny money” is simply the above prize amounts doubled (prizes $100-$180).
Triple funny money” is simply the above prize amounts doubled (prizes $150-$270).

Jackpot” on funny money games is a prize pool that is awarded once all funny money games have been played. The jackpot amount varies depending on the payout of funny money games


For Odds/Evens/Zeros, there are three ways to win a prize. Odds prize will always be the lowest $$ amount advertised. Evens prize will always be the mid-range v$$ amount advertised. Zero’s (where you win bingo on a number ending in a Zero, so 10, 20, 30 etc) will always be the highest $$ amount advertised.



This feature has been used on occasions for specials. We have a random number generator on our wall (NOT the bingo calling system) which we activate once bingo has been called and confirmed. The number that appears on the generator is how much you multiply your winnings by!
This feature will be advertised in advance if we are running it for a special.


Hi-Lo game: prize is $50, plus your call. So if you win Bingo on #12, you will receive $62. If you win on #88. you get $138, etc. Hi-Lo can be multiplied. So "Double Hi-Lo" is $100 plus your call. "Triple Hi-Lo" is $150 plus your call, etc.  There are 90 unique combinations that you could win!