Who We Are

With 42 years’ experience, we are leaders in the Bingo industry. We pride ourselves on providing friendly customer service, with a close community feel. Affordable entertainment and socialising are our main focus. We like to dress up some sessions with themes, mega raffles and special games. There’s always something new at Ballarat Bingo Centre!


Ballarat Bingo Centre was one of the first bingo centres to trade under an Operator’s license in Victoria, and we are still one of the largest, well-respected bingo centres in Victoria.

Bingo was introduced into Australia from the UK as a fundraising activity, and still holds that commitment to this day. The monies raised by Ballarat Bingo Centre over the decades have contributed to towards the Ballarat Table Tennis association and the construction of its current building. It also contributed to the associations and construction of the BFL headquarters and Saxon House. Ballarat Bingo Centre past owner and operator Ken Eyers has a board room at Saxon House named in his memory for the contributions he made as a major fundraiser over many years. Currently Ballarat Bingo Centre is conducted on behalf of Midlands Golf Club.

We also hold small fundraisers for community organisation’s on Tuesday nights and Sunday afternoons, please see our “FUNDRAISING” section for more information