PET Machines (Electronic Bingo)

Ballarat Bingo Centre now offers PET machines (electronic bingo). These machines allow you to ‘play’ more bingo books than you can physically play. You can have up to 18 books of Bingo per machine, per session. This is a great opportunity for fundraisers. If some people cannot make it to your fundraiser night, they have the opportunity to still pay for books and have someone attending play on their behalf. Or, for beginners, they don’t have to solely purchase 1-2 books because of inexperience. You can also play paper books as well at PETs at the same time, as the PETS auto-dab the numbers for you.  You must still call Bingo if you win on a PET.

You will be issued 2 different coloured vouchers for your fundraiser, one for paper books and one for PET machines. This will allow us to quickly identify what type of books your patrons are playing (PETs, paper, or both).

There is now no limit on the amount of books you can sell per fundraiser – so the more you sell, the more you get back!