Frequently asked questions

On our normal sessions, no. We do not take reservations or pre-sell books. Patrons are welcome to come in when our doors open to reserve their own seats. Book sales are first in, best dressed.

For fundraisers, we do reserve seats and pre-sell books.

There may be the occasional special where we would pre-sell books. If this is the case, these specials will be well advertised well in advance (see Promotions)

Our Venue has excellent wheelchair access. Assistance with seating arrangements can be arranged on request.

We also have disability bathroom facilities. We do not discourage patrons from bringing a carer along if necessary.

For prizes under $1000, winnings are paid in cash and awarded by our floor staff, once your bingo is confirmed. For multiple winners on the same game, the prize is divided evenly between the winners. Games are subject to a minimum amount being paid (per session, as advertised).

For jackpot amounts $1000 and over, a cheque will be issued (as per VCGLR regulations). Cheques can be collected from the book window at the end of each session.

Absolutely. For your convenience, we offer a hot food bistro as well as a snack canteen and complimentary tea and coffee. We do not have any rules against bringing in your own good.

We do ask you to refrain from eating or drinking whilst games are played, as it can be distracting.

No alcohol is permitted in the Bingo hall. However you are welcome to pop across to the Midlands Bistro before and after the games, as well as during the breaks, to enjoy an alcoholic beverage.

“Eyes Down” is the phrase we use at the start of every game to let you know the caller is about to commence.

We also advertise the commencement time of each session as “Eyes Down”

EG: Eyes Down 7:45pm mean that the games for that session begin at 7:45pm